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Sedona Summer Colony


Sedona Summer Colony is a new initiative, developed in late 2015, to establish America’s next great residency program for artists and cultural managers. We share a vision that supports creative people of all kinds, nurtures and advances their ideas and expands our own creative community.

Sedona Summer Colony


Sedona Summer Colony is a partnership between Sedona Arts Center and Verde Valley School, two community organizations with long histories in the Verde Valley. We've combined our cultural and educational missions to establish this new residency program in support of 21st Century culture.


Sedona Summer Colony

Sedona Summer Colony proceeds from the guest-host model established by the American Academy in Rome, Yaddo, MacDowell Colony, Hambidge Center for Arts and Sciences, and hundreds of other residency programs for artists and scholars. Many of the member organizations in the Alliance of Artists Communities have provided encouragement, advice, and support.

The primary objective here is to support the inspiration and early creation of new artistic work and cultural content by providing undisturbed time, temporary living space, regular meals, and studio or work space.

Another main objective, proceeding from the collective nature of a group residency, is to foster new connections and dialogue amongst participants and instill new opportunities for cross-disciplinary interaction and thinking.

A final objective of the program is to connect cultural producers from around the world with our Sedona community—and link them with the unique and diverse heritage, community, environment, and influences found only in the Verde Valley and Northern Arizona.


Executive Team
Paul Amadio, Head of Verde Valley School, Founding Partner
Carol Holyoake, Special Projects at Verde Valley School, Founding Program Manager
Eric Holowacz, Executive Director of Sedona Arts Center, Founding Partner

2016 Program Team
Winnie Muench, Volunteer Coordinator
Amber Englemann, Residency Intern
Claire Pearson, Office Intern
Amaya Romanski, VVS Student and Office Intern
Talya Reynolds, Logistics Intern

Culinary / Dining Hall Team
Michael Briggs, Verde Valley School Chef
Holly Vaughan, Verde Valley School Director of Food Services Dining Hall Assistant

Campus Support Team
Donita Coburn-Amadio, Verde Valley School
Jean O’Neil, Verde Valley School Art Department Chair
Jeff Perkins, Verde Valley School Ceramics Department
Dana Blavat, Verde Valley School Registrar
Kris Fritz Verde Valley School Receptionist
John Chorlton, Verde Valley School Director of Technology

Community Potluck / Dinner Party Team
Kath Gilliam, Potluck and Dinner Party Coordinator
Thomas McPherson and The Collective, Party Host
Mary Byrd, Party Hostess
Dottie Webster, Party Hostess
Bev Copen, Party Hostess
M. L. and Sheri Coleman, Party Hosts
Lawrence and Marcia Swearingen, Co-hosts
Terry and Janet Klebe, Co-hosts

Founding Sponsors / Funders
Arizona Commission on the Arts
Kling Family Foundation
Lewis Guthrie and Daryl Kling
Arizona Community Foundation
David and Isabel Simmer
Neil and Mary Pope
Charlotte and Hassan Hosseini
Dr. Ronald E. Dennis and Carol Keefer
Timmy Wang
Gay Chanler
Holli Ploog and Bert Campbell
Joe and Judy Reddington
Winifred Muench

Housing Sponsors / Providers:
Jennette and David Bill
Sheri and M.L. Coleman
Joe and Judy Reddington
Charlotte and Hassan Hosseini
Anne Uruburu
Rebecca and John Ellis
Jan Justice Oswald
Charlotte Selenski
Audrey Waite
Rick and Carol Gandolfo
Linda Starr
Jennifer and Ron Epperson
Sonya Malkhassian

Partners and Supporters:
Sedona Arts Center Staff and Board
Verde Valley School Staff and Board
Sedona International Film Festival
Carnegie Mellon University / Masters in Arts Management Program
Radiant Hall—Pittsburgh
ACE XPress
Cheers of Sedona
Pago's Pizzeria and Italian Cuisine
Museum of Northern Arizona
Mayor Sandy Moriarty and Sedona City Council
Nancy Lattanzi
Ken Zoll, Verde Valley Archaeology Center
Chip Engelmann
Vince Fazio
Kate Hawkes
Eliphante Village
Joe Gigas
Lawles Bourque

Sedona Summer Colony


Sedona Summer Colony has been developed as a program partnership between Sedona Arts Center and Verde Valley School—two of Northern Arizona’s most established nonprofits. Both organizations—boards and staff—are fully committed to the long-term development of Sedona Summer Colony and realize its potential to expand local cultural identity. Beyond the core partnership, there are dozens of other individuals and institutions who now play a role in the advancement, residency experience, and support of the program. Meet our founding team below.

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Paul Amadio

Head of Verde Valley School, Co-Founder

team img

Carol Holyoake

Director of Legacy Programs, Founding Program Manager

team img

Eric Holowacz

Executive Director of Sedona Arts Center, Co-Founder

Sedona Summer Colony


In many ways, the community of Sedona is unlike any in the world. Our remote and geologically beautiful setting within the Coconino National Forest makes for dramatic landscapes at every turn. The high desert climate and Verde Valley flora and fauna, Native American cultures, and modern-day heritage as a creative community results in a special sense of place. The local population of 15,000 shares this environment with 3 million visitors annually, offering opportunities to hike, bike, learn, and find their own mystical energy sources. Below are a few snapshots of the Inaugural Sedona Summer Colony—click any to reveal a 360° view of our campus and community.

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See Inside Art Spaces

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Explore the Grounds

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Exhibition Space

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Explore the Grounds

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See the grounds

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Ceramics Studio

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Explore the Grounds

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Beautiful Views

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Explore the Grounds

2017 Sedona Summer Colony

Application Process

Applications for the fee-based 2017 program are now being accepted. Applicants are advised to review the extensive Frequently Asked Questions—covering a long list of possible questions and concerns before proceeding to our online application form. Applicants may be asked to supply a curriculum vitae or biography, work samples, and support references—following submission of the online application. Successful applicants will then be invited to plan their residency at Sedona Summer Colony for dates between July 16 and August 5, and commit to the $65/day fee ($30/day for local/day residents). Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns along the way.


Discover Us

  • Explore collaborations, and discover Sedona's unique red rock landscapes
  • Experience local cultures and modern-day sense of place
  • Commingle with cultural visionaries over meals and excursions
  • Get away from a familiar routine and find quiet contemplation and solitude in one of the most beautiful places on Earth


Learn About Us

  • What if I am a Northern Arizona artist? Can I still be in residence?
  • What’s the background on Verde Valley School?
  • If invited, how do I get to the Sedona Summer Colony?
  • How to you pronounce Mogollon Rim?
  • Who are the People of the Sun, Cruzados, and Nijoras?


Join Us

  • Read our FAQ first
  • Complete our online application form
  • If requested, email your support materials (CV/Resume, Samples of Your Work, Website, and Letters of Support) to
  • If you are selected, a deposit will be required to hold your place and residency dates at Sedona Summer Colony


928-282-3809 | 928-284-2272